Baby Come Home

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Log dich ein um diese Funktion zu nutzen. Baby Come Home Songtext von Bush. I ask myself what I think of this moment I ask myself if I let you down I can't believe that you're in my system I can't believe that you're in my arms Shall we dance 'fore the ambulance comes? Shall we let the rain fall over us? Shall we sing a settlement song?

Baby Come Home

Should have been who I was all along Let your mind keep you strong It's too late, we're long gone It's too late, we're undone I find you all by yourself On the street again Baby, come home again Baby, come home again It's dangerous 'cause the people are struggling It's dangerous 'cause you're hard to see I want to make everything better I want to make you believe I lost myself to the sea of memories.

Fehlerhaften Songtext melden. Songtext kommentieren. E-Mail Adresse. A liquid oxygen tank takes up considerably less space than a large compressed oxygen tank, which contains oxygen in the gaseous form and is used as a backup oxygen tank. As with a compressed oxygen system, a small, portable tank is delivered to the hospital, and a larger, non-portable tank is sent directly to your home. One drawback of liquid oxygen is that it evaporates when not in use. The larger backup tank at the same setting lasts approximately hours.

Regardless of the type of oxygen system in your home, certain safety precautions must be followed. Because oxygen is a highly flammable substance, there should be no smoking in a room where oxygen equipment is located.

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When your baby is receiving oxygen, keep her at least 6 feet away from open flames, such as heaters, fireplaces, or gas appliances with pilot lights. Oxygen tanks themselves should also be kept at least 6 feet away from an open flame, radiator, or heater. Do not use rubbing alcohol, petroleum jelly, or spray cans near a baby on oxygen. Finally, make sure the smoke detectors in your home work well, and periodically review your home fire escape plan with your family. Your instruction in home oxygen use should have begun well before discharge to give you ample opportunity to ask questions and practice operating the equipment.

Rooming in with your baby and the oxygen equipment is an excellent way to achieve these goals. Rarely, an oxygen-dependent infant will be discharged home on a pulse oximeter a machine that measures arterial blood oxygenation.

When Baby Needs Oxygen At Home

Pulse oximeters are known for frequent false alarms, especially when a baby is active, which limits their usefulness and reliability in the home setting. Therefore, most oxygen-dependent babies will have their oxygenation measured periodically by a respiratory care practitioner using a pulse oximeter in the home or in a follow-up clinic with their health care provider or pulmonary specialist.

They may also need periodic aerosol breathing treatments medication inhaled directly into the lungs to open breathing passages and systemic oral medications at home. You will have to travel with your baby by yourself eventually, even if it is only to go to the doctor, and this will give you an opportunity to practice managing all of the equipment attached to the stroller or carried along with your baby.

At first it may seem overwhelming, but you will soon become a pro! Letters from your health care provider will be given to you to send to your telephone company, electric company, and local EMS system alerting them that you have an infant with special needs in your home.

Songtext von Bush - Baby Come Home Lyrics

Problems with oxygen-dependent infants can be lifethreatening. You need to be able to identify potential problems right away and then immediately contact your physician, EMS system, or ambulance service. After discharge, babies on oxygen may receive home health nursing visits or private-duty nursing if medically necessary. The decision to begin weaning a baby from oxygen depends on many factors.

'I saw his fluffy little head going out the door': one woman's fight to keep her baby

Other physicians keep the baby on oxygen to ensure continued weight gain and attainment of developmental milestones. Studies report fewer respiratory infections in infants on oxygen than in those whose oxygen saturation levels are borderline. Your doctor will take into account these and other factors unique to your baby.

click Weaning is usually gradual and is accompanied by physical examinations, chest x-rays, and periodic oxygenation measurements which can be done in your home by a respiratory care practitioner. If at any time your baby fails to progress in the weaning schedule, she will be evaluated to determine the cause. Your baby will be assessed throughout the weaning process to determine her tolerance for increasingly lower levels of oxygen, until the oxygen is finally discontinued.

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Baby Come Home Lyrics

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