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There are so many phones on the market and new models are released so frequently, it would be impossible for me to endorse a particular phone without outdating this book instantly. Of course, you'll certainly want to test your games on a real phone throughout the development process, but you'd be surprised how handy an emulator can be.

Starting Out

Like game programming for desktop computers and console systems, mobile game programming isn't easy. You'll be called upon to master and combine a wide range of software development skills, not to mention a good dose of creative and artistic sensibilities.

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This unique blend of art and technical skill is likely what makes game programming so alluring. Add the sizzle of doing all of this on a tiny device with a wireless network connection, and you have the recipe for some serious techie fun. This book is organized into five parts, each of which tackles a different facet of game programming:.

You construct a mobile game skeleton that serves as a template for future games throughout the book, and test the game with a Java mobile phone emulator. You also learn the ropes of sprite animation, which is the cornerstone of two-dimensional game programming. You also develop a couple of complete games, including Henway and Cat Catcher. There's admittedly a bit of an animal theme going on here, but don't worry; you get into pirates and aliens later in the book.

Part III, "Virtual Worlds and Mobile Game Intelligence" —In this part, you learn about game layers and how they are used to construct games as overlapping visual pieces. You also explore the fundamentals of artificial intelligence AI , and why it is important to games.

AI can be a daunting topic, so I focus on some basic AI techniques that are easy to understand and apply in your own games.

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This part of the book also includes the development of another complete game, High Seas, which is a pirate game where you sail around a large sea map battling other pirates and sea monsters. Part IV, "Taking Advantage of the Wireless Network"— In this part, you find out how to make the most of the killer feature of mobile phones: the wireless network.

After learning the basics of network programming for mobile games, you develop a game called NetConnect4, which is a mobile networked version of the classic Connect4 game.

Java Programming: Let's Build a Game #1

You then design and build a networked action game called Mad Plumber, where you race against another player to lay plumbing pipes. Part V, "Sprucing Up Your Games" —In this part, you explore some interesting game programming techniques that enable you to get the most performance out of your mobile games. You also learn how to create and manage a high score list that is stored on the phone. This part of the book guides you through the design and development of another complete game, Space Out, which is a space shoot-em-up that incorporates much of what you've learned throughout the book.

This book assumes that you have a knowledge and understanding of the Java programming language. I really don't rely on any complex Java programming constructs, so a basic understanding of Java is all you need. The book doesn't assume any knowledge of mobile Java programming, so don't worry if you've never tinkered with a Java-powered phone. As I mention several times throughout the book, you'll likely find the KToolbar visual tool that comes with the J2ME Wireless Toolkit to be extremely useful for building and testing the examples.

All the examples are designed to be easily opened, compiled, and emulated with KToolbar. Beyond some Java knowledge, all you really need is an open mind and a little creativity to get the most out of this book. They will serve you well as you embark on this journey into the world of mobile game creation. Have fun! Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Sams Publishing, Condition: New. More information about this seller Contact this seller. Book Description Condition: New.

Seller Inventory M Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Beginning Mobile Phone Game Programming. Michael Morrison. Publisher: Sams Publishing , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Build several fully functional games as well as a game engine to use for programming cell phone and mobile games with Beginning Mobile Phone Game Programming!

Topics covered include: How to construct a game engine to drive mobile games.

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How to implement sprite animation and control interactions among moving sprites. How to play sound effects and music in mobile games. How to take advantage of wireless networks to build mobile multiplayer games. How to design and develop a variety of different games spanning several video games genres. About the Author : Michael Morrison is a writer, developer, toy inventor, and author of a variety of computer technology books and interactive web-based courses. All rights reserved.

This studio is no zombie when it comes to making shrewd game-design and UA decisions. They chose Unity because it was ideal for their agile gamedev environment. Now they have the most-popular survival game on mobile. Capitalizing on a gap in the market, Game Insight built a mobile version of the console-based FPS they were developing.

Within two weeks, Guns of Boom had over five-million downloads and million after a year. Today they have one-million daily active users DAU. For this major title, Ludia had a tough decision — continue developing an internal engine or switch to a third-party platform? Learn how.

Find out how. Find out how Unity saved Jelly Button dozens of developer hours monthly and enabled them to create the top-grossing, F2P multiplayer game in 20 countries with over million downloads. Travel back in time to see how Unity helped Blizzard create the mega-hit Hearthstone. This turn-based, online match game captures all the excitement of the World of Warcraft and, after many years, still fuels intense competitions due to many new features and strong live operations.

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Jonathan Hawkins created a prototype for a VR game within three months, which enabled him to get funding for Eclipse: Edge of Light. In , Majid Khosravi began developing a mobile game with Unity in his spare time. Today, his games have over 10 million downloads, turn a handsome profit, and Majid heads a thriving game studio with seven full-time employees. Learn how Unity helped Fireproof studios — founded by six games artists in — focus on what they do best and create their critically-acclaimed tactile puzzle game series, which has sold over 10 millions copies.

Learn how Unity helped Square Enix adapt the rich, creative universe of the original Tomb Raider action-adventure console game into an engaging, award-winning mobile experience. Inspiration for a game can come from the strangest places. Find out how he extended the Unity editor and used assets like TextMeshPro and I2 Localization to make this award-winning 2D game possible. The Universal Render Pipeline formerly the Lightweight Render Pipeline is a single-pass, forward-rendering pipeline that uses very few draw calls.

With precise information about device performance and thermal trends, you can make instant adjustments to ensure the most enjoyable player experiences. They give you great creative freedom and increase productivity by letting you automatically iterate on multiple game objects on the fly. This advanced system streamlines developing, building, and loading game content. As well, it speeds up iterations so studios can fine-tune and test their projects more often, resulting in much higher quality and better performing games.

Its Entity Component System ECS provides a smart, data-oriented approach to game development based on game data, supported by the C Job System for parallel code and the Burst Compiler for optimization.

Reward Yourself

You can analyze the performance of the GPU, CPU, memory, rendering, and audio while identifying your potential performance gains effectively. TextMesh Pro provides precise control over text formatting and layout with features like character spacing, kerning, sprite support, custom styles and more — all while delivering exceptional visual quality and flexibility with no sacrifice in performance. The tiles can be animated or automatically display the right sprite based on neighbouring tiles. Game Foundation provides off the shelf common game systems that are flexible and fully extendible so that you can save time to focus on building what matters, unique gameplay.

Unity Remote Config is a developer tool that allows you to create, iterate, and deploy changes to your application without a new binary update.

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Unity is unmatched in extensibility and ready to be adapted to your current and evolving needs with a powerful C scripting system, comprehensive API and extensive documentation. With its intuitive UI and tools, Unity makes it easy to jumpstart a working prototype and bypass spending time on low-level programming. Changes are easy and instant through the magic of real-time, making it easier to create and iterate. Unity includes a powerful and well-documented APIs with access to the complete range of Unity systems, including physics, rendering, and communications to enable a rich interaction model and integration with other systems.

The High-Definition Render Pipeline offers world-class visual quality on high-end hardware while the Universal Render Pipeline formerly the Lightweight Render Pipeline maintains responsive performance when scaling for mobile. The Unity Asset Store gives you access to the largest marketplace of off-the-shelf assets and productivity tools to jumpstart your project. These building blocks cut down on development time to get you up and running and across the finish line faster.

Enable game distribution through a single hub.

Mobile Games

UDP reduces the engineering complexities associated with publishing to multiple app stores, allowing you to easily distribute games to millions of players worldwide through participating app stores. Everything you need to build a successful mobile-game business. Understand your players, get new players, and grow revenue while delivering the best game experience. Unity offers the first-ever game monetization service that optimizes for lifetime value LTV.

With one of the strongest ad and IAP services in the world that requires minimal work to integrate, Unity makes monetization easy and effective. Drive revenue while also delivering the best possible player experience.