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Back at the base that night , Rex and Cody analyzed TJ's cranial unit in the command center under a robolobotomy , but they only confirmed that the Confederacy had been aware of their plan before the unit stopped processing. Upon being apprised of their clone officers' findings, Skywalker suggested that a security breach was the cause for the Separatists' acquisition of their strategy, but Kenobi went so far as to suspect that there was a spy among their men. Skywalker and Kenobi decided to investigate behind enemy lines, ordering Rex and Cody to keep their mission confidential and remain behind to apprehend the potential traitor.

Shortly after the Jedi departed, Cody was alarmed to find a Hush comlink deliberately left activated on a nearby table with the troops' other equipment, indicating that someone had remotely eavesdropped on their entire conversation with the Jedi. Rex then noticed a figure in the hallway too far away to be identified: Sergeant Slick, who had become a spy for the Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress and the Confederacy out of a grudge against the Jedi. Slick immediately broke into a run and ignored Rex's commands to halt, forcing Rex and Cody to pursue him through the base.

Despite losing their target, the two officers were able to follow his path through the complex's hallways to the clones' mess hall, where they realized that the traitor was one of their own brethren.

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Returning to the command center, Rex and Cody attempted to contact Skywalker and Kenobi but found that communications were being blocked, potentially by the spy in their camp. Rex resolved to use Skywalker's astromech droid , R2-D2 , to check the station's outgoing transmission logs [35] from the past few days. Inferring that one of Slick's men was the spy, Rex and Cody decided to individually interrogate the platoon's members despite protest from Slick.

Though troopers Jester , Punch , Sketch , and Gus all passed interrogation with credible alibis, trooper Chopper was forced to reveal that he had broken war protocols by stealing battle droid fingers from the battlefield and stringing them into a necklace. While attempting to derail Chopper's trustworthiness, Slick inadvertently revealed his knowledge of the Jedi's mission—information he could have only obtained via the open comlink that Cody had found in the command center.

When put on the spot, Slick attacked Cody and Chopper and promptly fled from the barracks, leaving his platoon charges, as well as Rex and Cody, shocked with the revelation of the sergeant's true allegiances. Rex and Cody immediately gave chase to the exposed Slick, tracing a signal from his utility belt to the gunship landing platform. Instead of Slick, they found his utility belt attached to a primed thermal detonator , and they scrambled for cover just before the explosive triggered a series of others.

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The resulting explosion decimated the landing platform and the weapons supply depot, [35] as well as the base's power generators. In the command center, Rex and Cody noticed that Slick was hiding in the above ventilation shaft and engaged in a ploy to bait him out of his hiding place. While Cody secretly removed the ammunition from his DCS and left the weapon on the holotable console, Rex appeared to leave for the south exit [35] to restart the base's power generators.

Although held at blasterpoint, Slick refused to surrender, grabbing Rex's DCS and bowling him over. In the ensuing brawl, Cody and Slick disarmed each other and engaged in unarmed combat. When Rex joined in, he received a blow to the head, and Slick knocked him to the floor [35] and used the " groin popper " maneuver to dislocate his leg. When Skywalker and Kenobi returned, Rex and Cody presented them with Slick, who, no longer comatose, attempted to justify his actions with his hatred for the Jedi. Slick's accusations elicited rebuttals from his clone officers, who countered that his exploits had endangered the lives of the clone brothers he claimed to love.

Once Slick had been ushered away to lockup, Rex and Cody reported the sabotage of the weapons depot to Skywalker and Kenobi, who replied that they had discovered the full strength of the on-world Separatist invasion force, numbering close to a thousand units. Whorm Loathsom soon launched his first assault on the Republic forces, which became based out of Crystal City. After several days of battle, the Jedi and clones were able to beat back the Separatists, forcing them into retreat for the time being. Rex took advantage of the lapse in fighting to shave his hair and review casualty reports on his datapad near the Republic's temporary forward aid station.

He conferred and joked there with the medic on duty, Clone Sergeant Coric , as well as trooper Ged , who was being treated for a shoulder injury. The moment the Confederate forces initiated another attack, Rex grabbed his rifle and joined Skywalker and Kenobi in the streets. While Cody assisted Kenobi in marshaling a defense of their base, Rex took a clone platoon to accompany Skywalker along a route parallel to the city's main street.

As the clones made their way behind enemy lines, Rex recalled how the antebellum Crystal City had been glittering with beauty just days prior until the fighting crippled the city. He followed Skywalker and the rest of their men, including Coric and a patched-up Ged, to an energy sphere tower , where they divided their troops.

While most of the platoon was tasked with targeting the street-level droids, Rex and Skywalker took several troopers to the roof to surprise a trio of advancing [3] octuptarra magna tri-droids [43] from above. Rex and his men used JT jetpacks to reach the street below, while Skywalker landed on one of the tri-droids himself.

Rex and Ahsoka Tano confer on Christophsis, marking the beginning of their strong friendship. Rex and his comrades' combined efforts brought down the three droids, and they turned their attention to the droid infantry's exposed rear flank, pressing on without haste. Once Loathsom and his droid army had been driven into another retreat, a Republic Nu -class attack shuttle landed in Crystal City's Central Plaza.

Although Kenobi believed that his new Padawan learner was on board, he and Skywalker found that instead of delivering some expected reinforcements, the shuttle had brought the young Padawan Ahsoka Tano , who had been apprenticed not to Kenobi, but to Skywalker. Rex was introduced to Tano at the base's observation post and was surprised to meet the new Padawan, as Skywalker had previously sworn never to take a Padawan. Rex could not help but chuckle when Tano nicknamed her new Master "Skyguy," but Skywalker, annoyed with her hubris and arrogant behavior, told his captain to give her an "acquaint of the position" [3] [7] while taking her on his inspection rounds of Central Plaza's lookout points.

Harnessing various elements of his training, Rex helped Tano to better understand her role as a commander in the Grand Army, and they were able to reach an understanding of each other—although Tano was still eager to prove she was ready to be Skywalker's apprentice, she learned to be more appropriate and respectful to her superiors. While near the Republic's setup of AV-7 Antivehicle Cannons , Tano noticed that the Confederacy was deploying a deflector shield , a development that alarmed Rex, who knew that such a shield would render the Republic's artillery useless.

Both of them joined Skywalker and Kenobi at the comm station to devise a tactic to repel the imminent Separatist counterattack. The group decided that Skywalker would take his Padawan behind enemy lines to eliminate the shield generator , while Rex and Kenobi would engage the droids to stall for time. After Skywalker and Tano departed, Rex and Kenobi attempted to use the heavy cannons against the enemy's expanding shield but only confirmed that they were indeed useless.

Via eavesdropping on Confederate voice traffic, he learned that Loathsom had ordered his infantry to target the heavy cannons, which had impeded his troops earlier in the battle but were now ineffectual and vulnerable. As soon as the deflector shield passed over them, Kenobi led a forward charge on Loathsom's front lines, while Rex and his men lured the droids into the buildings along the main street. When the droids fired a missile at the comm post that Rex was using as cover, the explosion winded him and knocked him to the ground.

After being forced to pull back his men, he met with Kenobi at the command center.

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Although Rex proposed that they use the heavy cannons in spite of the shield, which would cause fatal overpressure and result in severe collateral damage, Kenobi instead ordered him to mobilize a defense of the cannons while the Jedi Master himself delayed the droids. Despite his reluctance to leave Kenobi to fend for himself, Rex obeyed orders and retreated while Kenobi confronted the oncoming droids. As the shield approached the heavy cannons, Rex, Coric, and their men countered the advancing droids' fire from some rubble near the main street.

Rex soon learned that Kenobi had surrendered to Loathsom, but he deduced that the Jedi General was simply stalling and rallied his men to hold the line. Facing overwhelming odds in Crystal City, Rex rallies his troops to hold the line. As Rex and his men withstood the onslaught from the droids' overwhelming numbers, Skywalker and Tano eliminated the shield generator. Rex was aiming at a Kerkoiden tank commander when he caught a glimpse of the receding shield, and he killed the enemy officer out of sheer relief at the sight. He quickly ordered the heavy cannons to commence firing on the exposed Separatists and their Armored Assault Tanks , to great effect.

With Republic Admiral Wullf Yularen and Jedi Grand Master Yoda arriving with reinforcements to complete the process of securing Christophsis, Rex allowed himself to breathe and personally feel the deaths of his men, acknowledging the pain that came with losing them. Rex later took a gunship to pick up Skywalker and Tano from the shield generator site, then returned with them to the command base in Crystal City. During the flight back, he congratulated Skywalker and Tano on their successful mission—making a point to commend the young Tano, [3] [7] who was slowly earning his respect.

Following the victory on Christophsis, Skywalker and Tano were assigned to rescue Rotta , the son of the Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure , from enemy kidnappers. Their orders came as part of the Republic's overall effort to convince Jabba to grant the Grand Army access to hyperspace lanes running through Hutt-controlled space. Because the clifftop monastery where Rotta was being held [7] was a half- mile off the ground [9] and was being guarded by a detachment of battle droids, Skywalker elected to launch a vertical assault up the cliff face to reach the monastery.

When the monastery's droid defenders opened fire on the approaching craft, Clone Lieutenant Hawk—the pilot of the gunship carrying Skywalker, Tano, Rex, and their men—closed the gunship's blast shields to deflect the incoming fire. The gunships landed in the forest below the cliff, and the AT-TEs returned fire at the droids, providing cover for the Jedi and clones to take refuge in an overhang.

Rex soon sighted an object falling from the cliff, and what he initially believed was an explosive device turned out to be a fallen battle droid. Following Skywalker and Tano's lead, the men of Torrent Company employed their blasters' ascension cables to scale the cliff, with Rex using his rappel line to ascend it. As a vertical crossfire commenced, the droid cannonades felled one of the AT-TE walkers , severing its grip on the cliff.

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Rex watched in horror as the AT-TE plummeted to the ground, taking all of the troops beneath along with it. When B1 battle droids on Single Trooper Aerial Platforms flew in to attack the clones in mid-climb, Rex trained his blasterfire at the airborne droids before Skywalker eliminated them. Torrent Company reached the monastery and destroyed the remainder of the droid infantry, albeit at the loss of half of its men. Upon arrival at the summit, Rex called in a gunship to casevac their fifteen wounded troopers, assigning several men to look after them in the meantime.

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  6. He and Skywalker deduced from the heavy droid presence that the Separatists were the Huttlet's captors. Leaving most of the men outside in the event of another assault, [45] Rex took Sergeant Coric and troopers Lunn , Vaize , and Ayar to help Skywalker and Tano scour the monastery for the missing Huttlet. Entering the dimly lit castle, Rex and his men activated their helmet's headlights for better vision.


    Inside, the protocol droid 4A-7 , claiming to be the monastery's caretaker, greeted and thanked them for liberating him from the battle droids. Learning from the protocol droid that the Separatists had kept their prisoners on the detention level, Skywalker and Tano proceeded there to rescue the Huttlet while Rex and his men stayed behind to guard the entrance.

    Rex returned to the monastery courtyard and finished securing the castle with his troops.

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    As midday approached, he learned from Skywalker that Rotta had been found and sent Coric to help transport the Huttlet with a backpack. Upon their return, Skywalker and Tano prepared to leave Teth with Rotta aboard a gunship that Rex had on standby for them. However, Tano's discovery that the Huttlet was ill halted their preparations for an evacuation and forced them to consider another solution. While Skywalker and Tano were delivering a status report to Kenobi through R2-D2's holoprojector link, a pair of Confederate C landing craft approached the monastery and deployed Vulture droid starfighters and ground troops.

    With battle droids invading the courtyard, Rex and Skywalker mobilized Torrent Company to defend their position while Tano returned inside with Rotta. After briefly conferring with Skywalker on the weak chances of getting Tano and Rotta safely off-planet, Rex dispatched Sergeants Coric and Hez and their squads to provide covering fire for the rest of the company.

    Rex joined his men in retreating into the monastery, and with everyone else inside, Skywalker ordered his captain to shut the entrance door. He initially refused, as Skywalker would be locked outside with the droids, but when his general tersely repeated the order, he complied and fired a blaster round at the controls. Skywalker used the Force to propel himself through the closing gap and into the entrance chamber, sealing all of them inside. With three-quarters of their men dead, several wounded, and only three medic -trained troopers remaining, Tano convinced her Master that it was best to find medical attention for the sick Rotta.

    Skywalker and his Padawan left with R2-D2 to escape from the castle while Rex remained with Torrent Company to hold their position. Rex and his men braced themselves as the Separatist battalion—under the command of Asajj Ventress—disabled the door's lock mechanism, allowing B1, B2 , and DSD1 dwarf spider droids to flood into the stronghold in overwhelming numbers.

    Rex watched as his men fell to enemy fire one by one before being knocked to the ground himself. Feigning death, he secretly contacted his surviving comrades through their private comm frequency and learned that only five of his men, including Coric, remained. As Ventress entered the antechamber and gave orders to an OOM command battle droid , Rex destroyed the droid with one of his DC hand blasters and then targeted the Dark Acolyte.

    However, Ventress immediately drew her double-bladed lightsabers and deflected his laser shots. She telekinetically disarmed him of his blaster pistol and Force-choked him, demanding that he reveal Skywalker's whereabouts. Having been trained in mental resistance, Rex kept repeating his name, rank, trooper designation, and battle group to avoid succumbing to her influence. She finally gave up her interrogation and, after dropping the defiant Rex to the floor, performed a mind trick , ordering him to contact Skywalker and ask for his general's location.

    Rex resisted Ventress's influence and commed Skywalker of his own accord, using a false voice and addressing him as "Anakin" instead of his usual "General Skywalker" to allude to Ventress's presence. Though he suspected that his ribs had been broken, Rex mimicked unconsciousness to avoid attracting the droids' attention.