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Just knowing their age or gender or where they live has limited value for copy.

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Might have value for ad targeting, but not for copy. Those questions will be a little bit different, a little bit bigger, more open ended, a lot of probing for why, why, why. Interviews are going to be key to getting the copy we need. Thank them.

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Remind them to submit. All right, so this is what it looks like.

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  8. When they click enter, they see the next ones. I need to make that a mandatory question. Check this over many, many times yourself because I just realized the one mandatory question has to be this. Contact me if you have any questions about message finding or conversion copywriting for your not-for-profit or your for- profit.

    Mastering Copywriting: How To Turn Your Words Into Cash 💵 Jon Benson

    I do this work for both. And, how you can find those messages that convert. Thank you. We also needed to survey people outside the email list to better understand the broader audience of North Americans who give to not-for-profits.

    In this follow-up video, I walk through a survey you can use to get insight for messaging from those not currently connected with your charity. My job is to persuade your visitor to choose you. But to craft high-converting copy, I need to make a strong argument in favour of your brand over the competition. Hugely rewarding, but grueling. B Corporate-speak kills the convo. The classic definition is too dry to repeat here see Kotler, Marketing Management, 11th ed and so positioning comes across as pure theory.

    But without positioning, ads, landing pages and emails will fail. Just try. It was Suzie Yorke of Love Good Fats bars fame who taught me positioning, long before she launched her own super-successful brand. We were working together on a client project. Not difficult because complex but difficult because positioning requires tough decisions.

    When you have a position, you stop being everything to everyone, which feels safe but is actually lethal. What I use now works for me. But it gets at the basic questions every copywriter needs answered to craft high-converting copy. To nail positioning, we think first about the customer and their problem. Then we consider the competition and your unique capabilities. Personally, I then flesh out the position with other copywriting essentials, like emotional and functional benefits.

    To discuss your project with {{ profile.shortName }}, sign up.

    When your ideal customer first encounters your brand, what problem s are they looking to solve? So what does that better future look like with your solution? There are a number of more specific ways you can stand out from the rest. Which of these can you own? Innovation: Revolutionize the way you get things done. How do customers feel as a result of choosing your brand?

    What specific attributes make your product or service better than the alternatives? Is it easier, faster, more accurate, longer-lasting, simpler, more customized? How can you prove your brand is different, better or cheaper? Do you have social proof, data, awards, endorsements, credentials or guarantees? If you can answer these 6 questions, amazing! Here are the caveats:. The latter involves customer research and competitor research, which is a topic for another post. Sometimes you have to leap — and then, test.

    Speaking of which…. We researched, we consulted, agonized over three different versions of positioning. We can test and correct quickly. In the Suzie project case, we were lucky. The first take on positioning was a winner. It re-established the brand as a leader. Sales went up. We squashed murmurings in the marketplace seeded by competitors.

    And copywriting became so much more effective.

    50 Call To Action Examples (and How to Write the Perfect One)

    Any copywriter can hack together salesy copy, but positioning is the infrastructure. If that copy converts, you optimize to strengthen your positioning. Make sense? Contact me if you have questions on brand positioning and conversion copywriting.

    Email Copywriting Tip #2: Write An Amazing Subject Line

    Or leave a comment here with your own thoughts! Think of IKEA. You may be an accountant or a manufacturer, but your business is fascinating to the right audience. The trick is to find the fascination. They come from the mouths of your ideal customers. Transcribe is the key word here. Compelling copywriting hits on a core truth as articulated by a specific customer.

    Research shows that mirroring is one of the most effective ways to build rapport and influence.

    When you talk like your customers talk, they like you more. When you use their exact language, they feel completely understood and fall in love with your brand.

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    It feels natural, it catches attention and it sums up the key selling points, which are further elaborated in the product descriptions. Thought leaders like Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers teach this strategy for writing great copy. All is not lost. Often, those ideas are wrong.