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Read more: Superstar David Bowie dies aged 69 following courageous cancer battle. She says he and Angie, who was a year-old student when they first met, "were notorious about weaving a sexual web around those who took their fancy", according to the New York Daily News. While Bowie was an aspiring musician from the London suburb of Bromley who was "adept at playing" the capital's "gay elite", Angie was a notorious hedonist, Leigh writes.

Angie herself recently admitted on Celebrity Big Brother how she was late to her wedding to Bowie because she was caught up in a threesome - involving the groom. Angie - who was married to the rocker for 10 years - described him as a 'bisexual alleycat'. Read more: David Bowie's first wife Angie on fiery marriage to 'one in a million' rocker. However, she says in her book that there was a "turning point" when her lover started acting in a kind and sensitive manner and revealed personal elements of his past to her.

Then, in , Bowie's portrayal of a doomed bisexual alien rock star, Ziggy Stardust, propelled him to global stardom. Bowie and Ziggy, wearing outrageous costumes, makeup and bright orange hair, took the rock world by storm.

Read more: Why was David Bowie so sexy in Labyrinth? That evil glare, his power, that costume. But four years later, he told Playboy that he was sexually interested in both men and women, declaring: "It's true - I'm bisexual. However, in the eighties, he told Rolling Stone magazine that the declaration was "the biggest mistake I ever made", and that he was "always a closet heterosexual". According to Leigh's book, one of Bowie's male lovers, his assistant Tony Zanetta, said the star was "sensual and narcissistic" in bed and seemingly wanted to be "adored".

Leigh also claims that cocaine use enhanced Bowie's sexual appetite and over the decades, he reportedly engaged in relations with Taylor, Faithfull and Bianca Jagger, among others.

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In a reference to his prodigious appetite for cocaine, Bowie once said: "I blew my nose one day in California and half my brains came out. Something had to be done. The man begins to just "roll over and get some" instead of romancing like he did during the honeymoon period. This warming-up is a real need, not just a romantic need. So when this is taken away, the fun is taken away and it becomes "work.

When either gives less than half, BOTH will feel it And it will go down-hill from there.. What great thoughts and insights. I am a therapist and life coach out of Los Angeles and see the loss of passion pattern way too much. You give some good advice, we should collaborate sometime. Looking forward to more great articles! This is exactly why you need life milestones, big experiences. The bigger the better , the more lavish the better. For example we had our wedding in one of the Los Angeles banquet halls.

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It was definitely not cheap but it was well worth it. We can still talk about it and smile years after it.

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I think it brought us closer together as a couple. I have no idea because I have never experienced it but I am hoping and looking forward that things will get better. Thanks, wedding videography sydney.

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And this article is a great read for the newlyweds. For a couple of decades after the happiness wears off and you'll find yourself ready to kill that old hag that's been making your life miserable. Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph. New research suggests that happiness precedes and often leads to career success.

Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. The New Science of Sleep Experts suggest ways to correct the habits that keep us from resting well. Subscribe Issue Archive.

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Back Today. Sonja Lyubomirsky Ph. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Why the Passion Goes Out of Relationships I like the way you explained Submitted by Love Quotes on December 19, - am. Submitted by rachael on December 19, - pm. Novelty Submitted by alexlloyd gmail. Yes, I was very interested in the statement that women need novelty more than men, as well. Submitted by Kristine on December 22, - am.

Other coincidences? Submitted by Cast from the Garden on December 23, - pm. This is exactly way you need life milestones Submitted by Simon on April 4, - am. I Submitted by Anonymous on April 6, - am.

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Well done. Submitted by Angela on January 11, - pm. Great article. Re: Just hang on Though her life was marked by sickness, tragedy and other hardships from beginning to end, the famous French chanteuse with the throaty voice became the epitome of classic Parisian-style romance for her legions of fans. Born Edith Giovanna Gassion in , she was abandoned by her mother and reared by her grandmother; while traveling with her father, a circus acrobat, she began singing for pennies on the street.

Piaf was married twice, but her great love was the boxer Marcel Cerdan, a world middleweight champion who was killed in a plane crash en route from Europe to New York in After a near lifelong struggle with drug and alcohol addictions, Piaf died of liver cancer on the French Riviera in In , she published her first novel, The Flame and the Flower, set on a Southern plantation in the late 18th century. Its historical setting and theme, florid prose style and steamy sex scenes inspired a legion of imitators, and its smashing commercial success sparked a new boom in romance fiction.

Woodiwiss was given credit for inventing the modern romance novel in its current form: thick period melodramas packed with an array of dashing and dangerous men and bosomy women in low-cut dresses.


Their own married life together was a study in extremes, soaked in alcohol and characterized by a passion that was no less intense when they were fighting than when they were getting along. After divorcing in , they found it impossible to stay apart and remarried in , only to break up four months later.

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