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The Doll Boutique Hundreds of outfits and accessories for dolls of all sizes including 18" dolls such a American Girl dolls. Fairy Gardens Build your own enchanted fairy garden with items from our extensive fairy garden department. Toy Department Looking for a toy that uses the imagination, visit our traditional toy department. Over 20, Dollhouse Miniatures We have have everything you need to build, electrify, Decorate, and accessorize your miniature home. Copyright The money from the sale was donated to a foundation that concentrated on research on breast cancer.

Dolls may be regarded as toys, but in the right hands, they can be stunning works of art. Russian artist and jewelry designer Marina Bychkova , who lives in Canada, created a kind of doll with joints connected by a dazzling ball and intended for adults. Marina wrote her call to create a doll since she was only six years old.

The dolls were created meticulously using high-quality materials, for example, porcelain, gold, silver, and even Swarovski crystals. This material helps create interesting and complicated elegance. Reflecting sensuality and tenderness, these dolls will stun anyone who sees them.

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More than merely playing something, the Stuffed Dolls are gracefully carved and reveal the rich minds of art. Uniquely naked, carved or adorned in lavish carved costumes of precious metals, gemstones, and objects that are rarely found, each doll intricately reveals aspects of our humanity. Unique and gentle, their shapes give rise to a strong emotional response, haunting you with their priceless possessions. All in a very innocent and sexual way, the Stuffed Dolls highly reflect images that are matched with the modes of femininity, while simultaneously reflecting on the naive life.

I am not a content to work solely in between mediums that are like painting or carving, and dolls offer me empiricism that is very diverse and can be felt satisfying. To create a doll, I had to do all this: carving, industrial design, painting, graver, creating prints, drawing, metalwork, fashion, and jewelry designs. I want all of that or nothing!

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It is filled with severed heads, loose body elements, eyeless faces staring blankly. The island of dolls located in Mexico has become a vehicle for terrible tourism for anyone. Thaaqwaeae island is located on the canal Xochimilco, for 17 miles from the city of Mexico. The gripping puppet that was hung on all the islands was dedicated to the little girl who was immersed in the canal decades ago by its owner, whose name is Don Julian Santana, who has now died.

Just imagine if the Chucky killer doll turns out there was one of the dolls hanging? It must be even more terrible! We probably will not see a doll the same after coming to this island. For 50 years he collected dolls that were washed away in canals and from garbage sites.

His favorite thing is hanging those gripping dolls from a tree branch. When he chases a discarded doll, not a few are found without complete bodily elements. Whatever is leftover, the matter will not be transported by Santana and served at his home, the end of which will be combined with the wild. This island is the most disturbing when seen, but this affair will not eliminate our curiosity.

The island is in the location of a canal which was used by Hispanics in the future to wet the fields.


The owner of this island, Santana, concluded living on the island alone. No one knew he was there except for the family, and now the dolls are the attention of the local media and politicians. The dolls that were hung were said to be not a few people used by Santana to cool the souls of the little girl who was immersed in the island.

Besides dolls also became guardians of the forces of evil. There are not a few versions of the story of a drowned little girl.

Some allude to Santana chasing after the girl and failing to save her, and some write that she has never met the girl and that is the tragedy of the past. Many mystical stories are circulating at that location. Santana lives like a hermit. He was obsessed with securing the rotting dolls as if they were human children.

He was gardening fruit and vegetables, and he exchanged them with fewer dolls to collect.

Does Santana have a fetish with dolls, or is this merely a fantasy, or does she embrace black magic? The dolls were mutilated. Dirt and the results of the air contained did not make a few changes to the dolls that were hung and increasingly made it scary. People who walk on the island will feel like following. The mutilated dolls present this nuance. Even when staring blankly, the sense of paranoia from humans would make the doll look like it was watching.

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Santana also collected the dolls at home. He put on a dress and even-handed over jewelry for existing dolls. He has an intense attachment to the dolls, although not a few dolls that are hung outside go home to be so scary. After her name was familiar in the mass media, Santana began to want to receive visitors and even charged a fee to take pictures. In , it was reported that Don Julian Santana was found dead due to drowning.

His niece chased the man in a location called Santana as the sinking location of the little girl. The story that the figure of the little girl haunted Santana was so popular.

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Does this stimulate madness? The puppet island of Santana is currently one of the most astonishing tourist destinations in the world. Many tourists who claimed to hear a doll whispering. One of the most favorite toys for children is a doll. Even dolls are also popular with adults. Dolls have an infinite variety of shapes ranging from animals, cartoons, or humans.

Well, the most preferred form of dolls is animal-shaped dolls such as bears, cats, cows, and so on. The types of animal dolls are indeed adorable — one form of an animal that is quite popular when it is a unicorn. Unicorn is a magical animal in the form of a horse with a horn on the forehead.

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Its existence has not been demonstrated scientifically. However, this animal is quite popular because of its beauty. Not a few unicorn dolls that are marketed with so many sizes. Explore the galleries with a brand new scavenger hunt that will take you back in time.

An unstable time portal is sending objects to the past, and the museum needs your help to find them! Visit a family-friendly craft workshop to make your own time-travel spectacles for your journey through the museum. Activities available while supplies last. Give our cool, kinetic marble mazes a run, and then roll into a workshop where you can make a marble maze of your own using recycled materials. Do you ever wonder how miniature artists make such tiny furniture?