Guy on Guy (Three Erotica MM Stories)

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This five-book journey with Alex "Charli" Collins and Lennox "Nox" Demetri is filled with twists and turns and shadowy villains.

Two Bare Cocks

Was it sex that brought these two together or something more sinister? You'll blow through this sexy suspense saga feeling hot, bothered, and begging for more. Sylvia Day gives you five books to follow the emotional and erotic life of Gideon and Eva. You won't be disappointed in the fascinating characters and stimulating love scenes that leap off the page and practically call for your vibrator.


Here's What Happened. Craving another controlling, pushy male character? Kelly Robak is your man. He's got needs, and he gets what he wants in the boudoir. Buckle up for some genuine dirty talk, as the strong and tenacious orderly protects Nurse Erin Coffey at Larkhaven Psychiatric Hospital. He may be an asshole, but is he the asshole Erin or you never knew she or you craved? This is a story about two girls dealing with love and desire while away at boarding school. When it was published in France back in the s, much of the text was censored due to descriptions of homosexual sex.

Now you can fully enjoy their story in its original form. There is plenty of sex, but Leduc did a superb job of depicting bona fide love: the good and the bad.

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Escape the glitz and glam of expensive city life to the Rocky Mountains with the Thompson family. There are five sons, so you guessed it, you've got five books filled with small-town, blue-collared hunks and dramatic plot lines waiting for you. Who said you could only enjoy football players in tight uniforms during football season? In this book, Delilah meets Brody in the men's locker room for her first interview as a sportscaster.

She doesn't date players, but she would date an athlete.

I'll just say, Delilah, if you play in the mud, you're gonna get dirty. Each book stands alone with new main characters and new sexual angst. It's perfect for the reader who wants to vary up characters and plot lines but still wants the same old-fashioned sexy time.

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Damn, who knew hockey players could be so sensual? Even if it's all made up, In The Making is a disconcerting insight into the world of tabloid celebritydom, and the cost in every sense of that apparently-not-all-it's-cracked-up-to-be status. If you choose to read it that way, that is; you can just read it for the sex, because there's also a lot of that happening, go figure. For context's sake, they've had a bit of an argument at a nightclub just before we join them, on their ride home:.

Get more interesting friends and I'll pay attention. I was fine going to the party — I wasn't about to say no to free booze or a reason to get dressed up — but this was ridiculous I sat and fumed until we reached his building. I got out of the car and slammed the door shut, turning to face him — the moment his cell phone rang.

He held up a finger, no doubt aware I'd been about to let him have it. I rolled my eyes and followed him into the building. I couldn't even storm off without him — my keys were upstairs in his condo. He hung up before we got on the elevator, but another couple was already waiting for the lift. I managed to hold my anger in, preferring to tell him off in private, anyways. Ilyan led the way to his front door and unlocked it. I had my rebuttal on the tip of my tongue. The front door closed and he jerked me into his arms.

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His kiss was hot, hungry, demanding. I found myself melting into it, sinking into his touch, seduced by the taste of him and how he so expertly commanded me with one touch. I pushed at his shoulders. Fuck me now.

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We made it to the dining table. Ilyan kicked the chairs away and set me on the edge. Though we'd had sex on most of the furniture, this was new.

He clawed at the zipper, yanking it down. Fabric might have ripped, I wasn't too sure. My legs hung off the side and my heels dropped to the floor, discarded like my clutch and his keys before them. Cool air skated over my breasts. I'd forgone a bra since I knew Ilyan liked that, so there was nothing to shield my breasts when he jerked the dress down to my waist.

The straps captured my arms at my sides. His narrowed gaze devoured my body, touching me with dark intent. I shivered and strained toward him, except he kept me where I was.

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I loved and hated his strength, how he could control me, throw me around at will. Right now it was fucking hot. He pushed me down onto the table and held me there with one hand on my stomach and stripped my dress off me, leaving me in just panties. This uninhibited style of sex was new to me, and I was quickly growing addicted. I'd never known the rough abandon or carnal intent Ilyan showed me. Endless pain. Pain so intense I literally thought I would die on the bed.

Then at one point during the endless hard fucking I started panicking because it was so dark. Absolutely no light.

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Like a coffin. I picked my right hand up off the bed as he was raping me, turned my head to the right, and looked at the spot where I put my hand. An inch or two away from my nose. And then I waved my hand in front of my face. And for some reason it terrified me. It made it harder to process what was going on and to anticipate what would happen next. So my brain joined my body in agony. Really calming.

Not with all that was going on. My panic was almost talking over it. I felt this energy, this force, gathering in my body.