How Do We Prevent Another Massacre Of The Innocents

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The meta-narrative of the Eternal-Victim afflicting the Israeli psychosis is pure illusion; a sick trick played on their own people by Israeli leaders perpetuating the Zionist goal of claiming all of historic Palestine, US realpolitik, and economic pragmatism.

Consequently, the company benefits from immediate battle-tested results and is able to hone its technology to perfection. Israel sports a facade of normality but when you view nation as family, Israel is a dysfunctional family in crisis. Its parenting, compared to normal society, is criminal.

The Killing of the Innocents in Congo

It is unclear whether Israel is truly capable of differentiating between a real enemy and those who wish it well, or if it is simply complaining about being persecuted because it believes this serves its interests. Merav Michaeli in Haaretz.

While ordinary Israelis play out the Joshua myth, unknown to them, the Herods in the Knesset, and in the IDF General Staff are deliberately committing psychological massacres of the innocents inasmuch as the occupation is a projection or mirror of the Israeli soul. Hundreds of frightening checkpoints block normal moral and critical judgment.

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Life giving compassion and respect of others is uprooted and the sewerage of hate, fear and murder perverts the humanity of each individual. In a healthy society, people immediately follow their instinct to help someone who is hurt and call an ambulance.

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In Israel blocking ambulances is a systematic practice of one-by-one-genocide. The Herods acquitted and promoted the officer. She contributed this article to PalestineChronicle.

The Massacre of the Innocents

Could this be the reason that the US is so unflinching in the defence of Israel? It is no secret that the US out sourced its torture program until the Bush outfit could no longer be bothered hiding their involvement. Because the whole Jewish jargon is a hoax.. By the time Europe realizes it is under economic and political and cultural occupation from Israel and the U. S… they will have these terrorists to threaten them exactly like they are trying to occupy and destroy Syria now. The future threat to people is being bred now by European governments.

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What We Know About the New Zealand Mosque Massacre

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The Massacre of the Innocents

All donations are tax deductible. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. November 25, Harmonious, Asymptotically — Book Review. You might think this would be a counterproductive tack for the news media to take if deplatforming the suspect and restricting the reach of his propaganda goals was the intent. This let the press have it both ways—to claim an imagined moral victory by not using the video and manifesto directly but by extracting every essential reportorial detail from them.

Leaders at the G-8 summit in France say international development banks will give $20 billion to Egy

Then why the charade? I can understand why the likes of Google and Facebook want to resist delivering maximum destruction, blood and massacre. And the government acted on the ban. One person arrested for sharing the video faces 28 years in prison. To this day, YouTube finds such journalistic significance in the jumper videos that they still host them in easily searchable form.

Don’t Censor the New Zealand Shooting Videos - POLITICO Magazine

As Paul Farhi of the Washington Post noted in , what are we to make of the fact that some killings, like Columbine, seem to have inspired additional killings, yet others, like the assault on Rep. If the logic of squelching the Christchurch video is to prevent another attack—which, as you can tell, I find dubious—have the censors thought through the unintended consequences of their plan? Although the video has been driven underground, it can still be found and shared, and its forbidden status will only lend it additional cachet for certain audiences. Call it a bloody version of the Streisand effect.

He wants very much to see salacious and disturbing stuff!