How to Get Your Child to Practice ... Without Resorting to Violence

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In addition to developing your technique, we will work on reading music, understanding the fundamentals of music theory, and creating an awareness of tone, pitch, and rhythm. Tips for Parents:. Quartet Elliott Family Quartet.

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Workshop Summer Chamber Workshop. Students Elliott Private Studio. For Adult Students: The benefits of learning the violin as an adult are numerous. Tips for Parents: Attend all classes outlined in the schedule Maintain the instrument in good condition at all times Do not interfere with the lesson, but take notes and record each lesson Organize home practice and set daily time aside for that purpose Follow through on all assignments given by the teacher, including practicing the instrument, overseeing specific assignments, etc.

Play the Suzuki CD daily.

The rate of progress is directly correlated to the amount of listening to the CD. Utah residents please add 6. Back to Publications.

How to Get Your Child to Practice Without Resorting to Violence Cynthia Richards draws on thirty-five years of experience in teaching music to young people and helping them succeed. More Information on Bullying from Bully Beware.

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Violence: You Can Make a Difference. Help stop school violence with this starter list of ideas. Some require only individual action; some require concerted effort. Some address immediate issues; others address the problems that cause violence. Report to the principal as quickly as possible any threats, signs of or discussions of weapons, signs of gang activity, or other conditions that might invite or encourage violence.

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With help from students, set norms for behaviour in your classroom. Refuse to permit violence. Ask students to help set penalties and enforce the rules. Regularly invite parents to talk with you about their children's progress and any concerns they have. Send home notes celebrating children's achievements. Learn how to recognize the warning signs that a child might be headed for violence and know how to tap school resources to get appropriate help.

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Encourage and sponsor student-led anti-violence activities and programs ranging from peer education to teen courts to mediation to mentoring to training. Offer to serve on a team or committee to develop and implement a Safe School Plan, including how teachers should respond in emergencies. Firmly and consistently but fairly enforce school policies that seek to reduce the risk of violence.

Take responsibility for areas outside as well as inside your classroom. Insist that students not resort to name-calling or teasing. Encourage them to demonstrate the respect they expect.

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Involve them in developing standards of acceptable behaviour. Teach with enthusiasm. Students engaged in work that is challenging, informative, and rewarding are less likely to get into trouble. Learn and teach conflict resolution and anger management skills.

Help your students practice applying them in everyday life. Discuss them in the context of what you teach. Incorporate discussions on violence and its prevention into the subject matter you teach whenever possible. Gendered Violence.

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Violence, including sex-based harassment, often inhibits learning and influences the experiences and outcomes of schooling for girls and boys. Often, sexuality and gender bias are hidden in curriculum. This hidden curriculum can support the development of gender-biased violence. Therefore a whole school approach to eliminating gendered violence should include a review of existing policies and cultures and the development of a gender-appropriate curriculum. Students need opportunities to explore the ways in which traditional views of masculinity and femininity inform and constrain them, and strategies to empower them to embrace change and develop respectful gender relationships.

You can begin by counteracting the gender-stereotyped models and messages that burden boys with a male ideal that does not include an ability to express emotions, and that burden girls with a female ideal centred around physical beauty.

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