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Post Map. Status: Brought to you by Squizz Caphinator. Aymel Starborne. Character: Aymel Starborne. Alltime Recent Weekly.

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Aymel Starborne 1 Bank of Far. Irinochka Lavrenova Crow Da Imbalance. Kiuthin 2 Bank of Far. Jiware Jiware Prospect Exotic Connections.

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KSX 2, Bondage. Mirrors of Mind and Flesh , interior art. Naked Times 8. Nightvisions , interior art.

Obsc'zine 1, inside art. The art was later republished in T'hy'la 3. Cover of Price and The Prize, The 1st ed. The Price and The Prize inside art. T'hy'la 3. The art was previously published in Obsc'zine 1. Cover of Thrust Thrust , inside art. Twin Destiny 2, cover. T'Zad'U , interior art.

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  2. Knight Star: Knight of the Starborne.
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T'Zad'U , frontispiece art from both volumes. In tumblr fan's gushed over the drawing: " saroodles asked: Why is Spock in knee highs? Why are they on fire? What is happening? Jump to: navigation , search. Gayle's zines are all among the most beautiful and most carefully-produced works ever to come out of fandom. None of the patterns involved delicate flowers with penis stamens , though. Her drawings of Kirk and Spock are explicit, mythical, transcendent and completely mind-blowing.

I live with a marvelous husband and two cats I have degrees in Art and Creative Writing. I love film, literature, Fantasy and Mysteries, Astrology and Tarot, costumes, gourmet cooking, and gardening. And cats. I don't agree with that myself - but what about the sizzle of love denied, then consummated, then denied again? The intensity of the consummation only increases the desire. Most of the series slash stories evolve around an ongoing series of conflicts - probably a central one that isn't resolved until the end about one of the characters ability to commit to the other, and whatever other ones keep the plot moving and, hopefully reveal some interesting aspects of the characters as we share their passionate relationship.

I agree that Sandy's favorite scenario is a very potent one - hiding the Longing for Love behind a facade of animal lust. Given the different sexual acts, combined with the characters attitudes toward what is happening, there are many, many possible "first times" - the first time they do some specific thing can become a new first time when they know that they love each other, or when one character has done it for the other, but not vice versa. And there are so many possible different moods for the characters to express in bed.

On the other hand, I admit that it's damn hard to find new ways to describe the same acts and emotions - there just aren't enough words!

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But I can always find a few things new and different to do, just because the characters are new and different, and relate to each other differently than the other slash couples. Or my response to what they do will be different.

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I was a Sonny fan before I was a fan of any other aspect of WG. I just love Ray Sharkey's performance. Then I got into the villains in general. I always thought Frank was a good character. I never disliked Vinnie, but he wasn't intellectual enough to interest me at first.

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  • Now he's a great favorite. And it is really fun to have the two characters appeal almost equally, since there were so many things I disliked, or found unerotic about Kirk and Blake. I liked both Crockett and Castillo, but never got hooked enough to write MV. Slashing Frank has no real interest for me - there could be a very powerful conflict in a triangle situation, but for once, I rather dodge that conflict, as I don't see a happy resolution for anybody in it.

    Every time he first comes on the screen.

    • LErrance Du Cavalier, LES CONTES ANGELIQUES Episode 3 (French Edition).
    • Komikwerks - AbeBooks.
    • Aaron S. Rosenberg.
    • Gayle F - Fanlore;
    • I can commiserate with those Frank fen fending flack, however. For a long time I adored Anthony Zerbe's Lt. Finally I just said, okay, he's not sexy, but he sure turns me on. Which reminds me - are there any other Harry O fen out there? I could never slash Orwell and Trench beyond a one night stand with an embarrassed morning after, but they are absolutely one on of my all time favorite male bonding relationships. I wish they would rerun the show so that I could get good tapes.

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      I saw the first—maybe a year and a half of Star Trek when it first came out and I was a fan, but then I didn't have a television for a long time. And in the '70s, the ladies upstairs had a TV and were watching Star Trek, and I went up and watched all these re-runs of things I had never seen, and I fell in love with Spock all over again. And at the same I found a book called Star Trek Lives , and discovered there was such a thing as fandom, and wrote to Jacqueline Lichtenberg.

      And she gave me addresses, and I wrote to those people. And I started writing stories. I think I was writing stories before I wrote to the people, because I was in love with Spock! Seventies sometime. Seventy-four or —five. Alien Brothers , inside art.

      source site As I Do Thee 1, cover. As I Do Thee 7, cover. Charisma 3 KSX 1, front cover or Nightvisions , inside art. Nome 5, cover Obsc'zine 1, inside art Obsc'zine 3, inside art.