Life of a Salesman: Advice and Diversions

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You will earn his undying devotion, because he's only tough on the outside. A kid out on his own, having dropped out of school is afloat and disconnected from the herd. He bosses other guys around, telling them to "sit on it" as he needs to be the pack leader. That makes him feel like he belongs with the group, and he needs that very much.

I'm not telling you to be sexy with him, but a pat on the back from a kind adult would be very good for this boy-man. Give him a chance, Mrs.

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: I'm an attractive woman in my mids; I work in an art gallery and I think people would call me sophisticated. I recently got out of a marriage with a doctor who turned out to have impotency issues and I find myself drawn to my divorce lawyer.

He's short, bald and boorish — not someone I would normally find attractive — but he makes me feel special and I can see us together forever. The problem? He's Jewish and says he can't be with a woman who doesn't share his faith although he doesn't attend synagogue and I've seen him eat pork.

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I really like this guy, despite his lack of refinement. Should I consider converting? I'm Episcopalian. Dear Marrying Kind: You're both worshipping the same god, so what does it matter which team you're on? If he needs a Jewish lady, why not ask him how he'd like a newly-graduated Jew in his world?

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He'd probably be delighted with your converting, as he thinks the world of you. When you have kids, you can raise them in the Jewish faith, and enjoy all the customs and traditions together as a cohesive Jewish family. Not that he's going to want strict observance. It doesn't sound like you'll be going to synagogue every day, and you can still eat a little bacon if the relatives aren't around.

The boorishness is another matter.

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Try this: Instead of whining and criticizing, use your sexual wiles to reward him when he's subtle and stylish, and one day he may learn to be genteel. No, I did not say gentile. Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: I'm going through a difficult time and need your help. I live alone in an apartment with an eccentric but lovable friend living across the hall. He drops by constantly and never knocks before entering my suite. He's always getting me involved in bizarre situations that leave me exhausted by the end of the day.

I'm in the entertainment industry, performing on stage usually late in the evening, and never seem to get enough sleep. I have two other friends, who are always dropping by. One is a guy who's been my best friend since high school.

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He's a manic, paranoid hypochondriac, but he means well. The other is my ex-girlfriend. Our breakup was amicable and we remain close. The problem is I really don't like people as a rule, and would prefer my friends gave me some space.

Can you help? Dear Jerome: The whole point is making space for you to breathe, while showing love for the people who matter to you. First, buy a new lock for your door. Second, get proactive about inviting these friends over when you are actually ready to greet humans. For a night-time performer, a Sunday-dinner ritual at your house would get everybody together for warm times, good food, drinks, gossip and board games. Also, start calling people when you wake up and feel alive. Then you can feel you care about them on your own timetable.

You can also put one of those fake clocks on the door that says "Be back at On the top of that clock sign you write: "Dear friends, I love you. Please send your questions and comments to lovecoach hotmail. You can comment on most stories on The Winnipeg Free Press website. You can also agree or disagree with other comments.

Life Insurance Sales Techniques

All you need to do is be a Winnipeg Free Press print or digital subscriber to join the conversation and give your feedback. Comments are open to The Winnipeg Free Press print or digital subscribers only. By submitting your comment, you agree to abide by our Community Standards and Moderation Policy. As life insurance deals with lifelong coverage, an agent tries to achieve an initial sale and build relationships that will lead to policy additions and referrals.

To achieve these results, he must use a wide variety of sales techniques.

Sales Jobs

One sales technique used by a life insurance agent is to provide custom need-based solutions to potential or existing clients rather than elevator pitching all life insurance products or coverage options. He then crafts a solution based on these facts, verbally summarizes the person's responses, outlines the custom solution and helps the person see the value of the solution.

A person may not be open to thinking about or discussing life insurance. One method of engagement often used by agents to create interest and help that person visualize the impact of having coverage is storytelling. For example, an agent might describe how a client while extremely ill was able to access his policy proceeds before death because he had added accelerated benefits to cover catastrophic, terminal or long-term medical events.

The agent might then ask the person to imagine being in the same health situation, but without coverage. People often object to getting life insurance or adding additional coverage.

7 Best Sales Techniques for Startup Salesmen in India

For instance, an agent might study various low-cost insurance coverage options -- and practice listing them aloud until he can do so effortlessly -- to handle any objection a person might have about how expensive premiums are. Another way a life insurance agent procures new sales and sales opportunities is through direct requests. For example, the agent simply asks for the sale: He might say, "As you can see, this plan covers all of the areas you outlined.

If you're ready, I have the documentation with me to start your coverage today. Showing appreciation can also result in sales, because the action helps to create or maintain a positive impression of the life insurance agent in the mind of a client or potential client. An agent might show appreciation for a client's time or business by following up the next day with a handwritten thank you note, for example.

He might also send an existing client a holiday or birthday card and a gift card to a local retail establishment the client frequents. Life insurance agents increase sales by becoming recognized, useful members of their community.