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When used for the prayer, the word is capitalized, as is customary for other names of prayers, such as "the Lord's Prayer ", "the Hail Mary "; the prayers that comprise the Rosary are arranged in sets of ten Hail Marys, called decades. Each decade is followed by one Glory Be. During recitation of each set, thought is given to one of the Mysteries of the Rosary, which recall events in the lives of Jesus and Mary. Five decades are recited per rosary. Other prayers are sometimes added after each decade. Rosary beads are an aid towards saying these prayers in the proper sequence.

A standard 15 Mysteries of the Rosary, based on the long-standing custom, was established by Pope Pius V during the 16th century, grouping the mysteries in three sets: the Joyful Mysteries, the Sorrowful Mysteries, the Glorious Mysteries.

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During Pope John Paul II said that it is fitting that a new set of five be added, termed the Luminous Mysteries , bringing the total number of mysteries to Five decades are recited in a session. For more than four centuries, the rosary has been promoted by several popes as part of the veneration of Mary in Roman Catholicism, consisting in meditation on the life of Christ; the rosary represents the Roman Catholic emphasis on "participation in the life of Mary, whose focus was Christ", the Mariological theme "to Christ through Mary.

The Congregation for Divine Worship points out the role the Rosary can have as a formative component of spiritual life. The theologian Romano Guardini described the Roman Catholic emphasis on the rosary as "participation in the life of Mary, whose focus was Christ. Devotion to the rosary is one of the most notable features of popular Catholic spirituality. Pope John Paul II placed the rosary at the center of Christian spirituality and called it "among the finest and most praiseworthy traditions of Christian contemplation.

Saints and popes have emphasized the meditative and contemplative elements of the rosary and provided specific teachings for how the rosary should be prayed, for instance the need for "focus, respect and purity of intention" during rosary recitations and contemplations. From the sixteenth century onwards, rosary recitations involved "picture texts" that assisted meditation. Such imagery continues to be used to depict the mysteries of the rosary.

Catholic saints have stressed the importance of contemplation. Scriptural meditations concerning the rosary are based on the Christian tradition of Lectio Divina , as a way of using the Gospel to start a conversation between the person and Christ. Padre Pio , a rosary devotee, said: "Through the study of books one seeks God; the reported messages from these apparitions have influenced the spread of rosary devotion worldwide. Joseph to the Rosary during the month of October.

Praying the Rosary may be prescribed by priests as a type of penance after confession.

O Sanctissima (Anonymous)

Penance is not intended as a "punishment". The three children were her cousins Francisco and Jacinta Marto. They said they were visited three times by an apparition of an angel, they said the angel, who identified himself as the " Angel of Peace " and " Guardian Angel of Portugal ", taught them prayers, to make sacrifices, to spend time in adoration of the Lord.

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Beginning in the spring of , the children reported apparitions of an Angel, starting in May , apparitions of the Virgin Mary , whom the children described as "the Lady more brilliant than the Sun"; the children reported a prophecy that prayer would lead to an end to the Great War , that on 13 October that year the Lady would reveal her identity and perform a miracle "so that all may believe. The children's accounts were controversial, drawing intense criticism from both local secular and religious authorities.

A provincial administrator took the children into custody, believing the prophecies were politically motivated in opposition to the secular First Portuguese Republic established in The events of 13 October became known as the Miracle of the Sun.

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On 13 May , the children reported seeing a woman " brighter than the sun , shedding rays of light clearer and stronger than a crystal goblet filled with the most sparkling water and pierced by the burning rays of the sun. She asked them to devote themselves to the Holy Trinity and to pray "the Rosary every day, to bring peace to the world and an end to the war". While the children had never told anyone about seeing the angel, Jacinta told her family about seeing the brightly lit woman.

Jacinta's disbelieving mother told neighbors about it as a joke, within a day the whole village knew of the children's vision; the children said the woman told them to return to the Cova da Iria on 13 June During the June visit, the children said the lady told them to say the Holy Rosary daily in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary to obtain peace and the end of the Great War; the lady purportedly revealed to the children a vision of hell, entrusted a secret to them, described as "good for some and bad for others".

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I don't want more. On 13 August , the provincial administrator Artur Santos intervened, as he believed that these events were politically disruptive in the conservative country.

He took the children into custody. Santos threatened the children to get them to divulge the contents of the secrets. She asked them again to pray the rosary daily, spoke about the miracle coming in October, asked them "to pray a lot, a lot for the sinners and sacrifice a lot, as many souls perish in hell because nobody is praying or making sacrifices for them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

O sanctissima. Virgo by Josef Moroder-Lusenberg. Hymns to Mary. Devotional practices. Movements and societies. Key Marian feast days. Reed, Isaac ed. European Magazine and London Review. Retrieved 25 October Travellers all agree in their account of the effects of the simple air called 'The Virgin's Hymn,' sung in unison by the whole crew of the Sicilian seamen on board their ships when the sun sets, or when it is the twenty-fourth hour of Italy.

O Sanctissima

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YouTube Videos. Mary is seen as having a singular dignity above the saints.

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The Blessed Virgin Mary is depicted in a rose-garden with angels playing music. Roses are a symbol of Mary. A Christ and Mary, mosaic, Chora Church , th century. Louis de Montfort. They are performed in Roman Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity, but generally rejected in Protestant denominations. Madonna and five angels, Botticelli , c. Marian hymns are Christian songs focused on the Virgin Mary.

They are used in both devotional and liturgical services, particularly by the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran churches.

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They are often used in the month of May devotions. Eastern Orthodox icon of the Praises of the Theotokos, before which the Akathist hymn to Mary may be chanted. The Magnificat on the wall of the Church of the Visitation. Salve Regina manuscript, Throughout history Roman Catholic Mariology has been influenced by a number of saints who have attested to the central role of Mary in God's plan of salvation. The analysis of Early Church Fathers continues to be reflected in modern encyclicals.

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