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A good trick is to set the club in the extension position after impact with just your left hand on the club and your arm fully extended. Then bring the right hand into position without losing the extension in your left arm. This will give you a great idea of what good extension feels like after impact. The video below of Masters Champion Sergio Garcia shot in Dubai this year features mostly driver shots, but the same principles apply. Sergio Garcia is a master at releasing the angles in his wrists through impact and extending down the line — this a great visual to have in mind when trying to hit your metalwoods.

Stability Whenever you are making a powerful swing, you need lower body stability. A strong lower body will provide the foundation for a body rotation that will deliver easy yards. Power comes from the ground in the golf swing, with a stable base allowing a powerful turn, as long as you keep the right knee flexed.

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A good way to really feel stability is to take your stance and hold your club out horizontally in front on you like a weightlifter preparing to lift. Your core muscles should feel engaged at address and ready to go. Turn to the top maintaining the flex in your right knee and you will be able to feel what it is like to really draw on the power of the ground. Strategy It is important to know how far every club in your bag goes but this is particularly true of your fairways and hybrids. Knowing that your fairway wood goes yards will help you avoid well-placed bunkers off the tee or know whether you can carry hazards when approaching the green.

With your hybrids you need to know how far they travel from different lies. Of course, this requires some homework on your part but some carefully structured practice will make you a much smarter competitor and help you avoid making those schoolboy errors that catch so many amateurs out.

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These combine to ensure that your distances are much more consistent. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go To Topic Listing. Plastic or Wood Tees? Something Else? Kostis and McCord and Macatee too? Want to join this community? We'd love to have you!

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Sign Up. What'd You Shoot Today? But I did hit my driver pretty well and my putting was decent. There are days when I'm not on speaking terms with my driver. I always carry it and always hope the next drive will bring an apology.

I've found that I hit my 3W straighter and the distance is pretty close off the tee I would imagine other folks have had the same results. Three years ago I bought a package of Zero Friction plastic tees. This year I lost my first one.


I always use a small wooden usually a found broken tee for something other than the driver. Gonna Try Knitting a Yoda Headcover. The Bicycle Thread. WA Assistant's Championship. Back at It!

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Sign In Sign Up. I accept. That huge size makes putting the face of the driver onto the golf ball in a good position so much harder when the ball is sitting on the ground rather than on a tee. So, as that intro should tell you, hitting driver off the deck is a very difficult shot and one that recreational golfers should probably stay away from.

But, hey, we all enjoy trying to pull off those high-degree-of-difficulty shots, we all want to "take a shot" at those shots, so to speak. So what's the technique?

The best hybrid club for swing forgiveness

Set up to the ball with the ball forward in your stance. Play the ball slightly more forward than you would for a teed-up driver.

Align a little bit left of the target for a right-handed golfer ; the ball position and driver loft will work to create a fade ball flight, so accommodate that. If you are someone whose normal shot is a draw or - gasp!