Science and Technology for Development (Development Matters)

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And of those, only two were in the top 10 just five years ago — which gives you a sense of how quickly the global economy is being disrupted. In fact, as technology innovation accelerates, it may be the best path to inclusive growth. The resulting economic activity could generate USD 2.

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  • Development Matters is a platform for discussions on development opportunities and challenges..
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At the World Bank Group, we have been putting quite a lot of thought into understanding what it takes to create a successful and inclusive digital economy, in light of our mission to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity. Technology can be a force for good — by promoting economic inclusion, efficiency, and innovation. But it can also cause upheaval — by displacing jobs or imperiling the security of personal and government data, and even critical infrastructure.

And it can widen the digital divide — increasing the gap between those who benefit from technology and those who are excluded and risk falling further behind. Since its inception in , the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has become a highly respected pooled financing institution that scores top marks in independent reviews.

Science and Technology for Development

It has disbursed some USD 40 billion in grants for complex disease control and treatment programmes in fragile and non-fragile countries alike. Control and treatment interventions were available in high-income countries, but no one knew how to tackle the diseases in resource-poor settings. The Global Fund was designed precisely to tackle the lack of quality programmes and implementation mechanisms in developing countries. All too often, however, it is seen as just another funding mechanism. Many reviews lump it together with other multilateral mechanisms and trust funds.

This is a mistake. The Global Fund has unique design principles that set it apart from bi- and multilateral financing mechanisms with the notable exception of Gavi. Chile is considered a success case, and Chileans today are much better off than a decade ago. However, inequality is persistent and the knowledge base of the country is still limited.

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What the country also faces is a productivity challenge. So, what needs to be done to sustain the country on its path towards development? Skip to content Home Posts tagged 'Innovation'.

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Development Matters is a platform for discussions on development opportunities and challenges.

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