The Wooden Nickel

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Try to eat just half, then fail and eat the whole thing.

  1. Inside The Wooden Nickel, The Mission's All-Female-Owned Dive Bar.
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The juice from the meat will have pooled into the fries at the bottom, which means the last few bites are the best. You are doing it correctly. What it does currently have is a strong skater contingent. On a recent Monday I counted three different Thrasher T-shirts within 10 square feet, and a pile of five boards on the floor.

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But because this is the Mission, there are also employees from the tech company down the street; off-duty bartenders and other food-service folks sitting at the outdoor tables, smoking; and the occasional low-key Tinder date. On my most recent visit, a new female bartender is on shift, training. My friend and I would. But here in the bar, someone has just put on the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who might as well be the house band for every generic beachside bar in Southern California, and we both laugh.

Wooden Nickel Cafe, Lake Country

Emma Silvers is a San Francisco freelance writer. Twitter: emmaruthless Email: food sfchronicle.

Back to Gallery Frozen margaritas and carne asada fries at the Wooden Behind the bar at Wooden Nickel, bartender Barrett Edmonds left and owner Nancy Chung chat with regular customer Jamison Maeda far left and two others. Carne asada fries at Wooden Nickel in the Mission District.

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Top of the News. After 20 years of docility, his wife, Sarah, is suddenly asserting her independence, his son is a delinquent skinhead, and his daughter is heading for college.

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He hires Ronette, the recently separated wife of the local lobster buyer, to be his sternman, and not surprisingly, the two fall into each other's arms. When Ronette becomes pregnant, Sarah leaves, and the downward spiral continues when Lucas gets into a territorial dispute with other lobstermen and wings one of them in an exchange of gunfire.

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He refuses to promise future good behavior and loses his fishing license. Sarah seizes the family home that has been Lunt property for three generations, and he's reduced to living with Ronette in a dilapidated trailer. He then begins fishing illegally for a renegade buyer and encounters a rogue whale that has more in common with him than he realizes; the climax involves fast and furious action.

Carpenter's prose is strong and sinewy: the Maine fishing community is evoked with pungent realism, and the characters are memorable in their attempts to eke out an existence in a harsh environment.


This is a fully engaging story that creates a powerful portrait of a man struggling to make sense of a world that seems rigged against him. Agent, Alison Bond. Regional tour.

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