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Yet they only would prescribe a two week dose of the antibiotic. His tics slowly subside it took a long time months. They preferred and pushed the clonide and tenex, etc. They do not want to prescribe him the antibiotics. He is suffering. We are all suffering.

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When school began last year kindergarten , it was hard for everyone because his vocal tics were so loud and hindered the teaching for all in his class. He still grunts, clears his throat, groans, mouth tics, and eye movement thing. His behavior and attitude gets so bad when he gets sick. He angers easily and will cry at the drop of a hat. It is truly unbelievable.

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He cannot seem to help us any further. Why are some kids getting helped antibiotics and other are not. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also any suggestions of a doctor or neurologist in MA would be so helpful.

Thank you. Sorry for the the long read it has been a long tough day. Thank you for your story Maura. It does help to hear great news for you and your family. It is encouraging.

Thank you for sharing. I have a 17 year old son who has always gotten tonsillitis or strep since he was a toddler. Sometimes the skin would peel off the bottom of his feet in large pieces from the fever. I checked on him every thirty minutes and he was sleeping peacefully, a little warm but not hot.

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I went to bed and set my alarm for one hour. I felt his head and he was on fire! I turned on the light and he was semi-awake but delirious. He wanted to know why there was a strange man in his room and why dead people are all around. Obviously the fever was causing him to hallucinate. I gently lifted his arms and pulled him to his feet and got him to the tub where I ran a cool bath and helped him in.

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I helped him back to his bed and made an area on the floor next to his bed for myself and set my phone alarm for every thirty minutes in case I dosed off. He cooled down a bit after about twenty-five minutes and we fell asleep. I checked him every thirty minutes and in four hours he was on fire again. I woke my husband to stay in the room and give him tylenol while I ran to the corner drug store for a thermometer mine was broken.

I returned in about twenty minutes and his fever read I thought it must be the thermometer and took my own temperature…. I called the doctor and he said bring him in. I tried to get him out of bed but he was limp like a wet rag. His bed was soaked and he was gray. When I finally got him up and was leading him to the car, he passed out.

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My husband grabbed him and they sat in the back while I drove. After blood tests, urinalysis, rapid strep, and two bags of IV fluid he started to come around to his old self. The doctor gave him Tordol and said if his neck stopped hurting that it was not meningitis. His neck stopped hurting but he could not stop shivering and he had a red rash on his trunk and cheeks.

She said all the test results were negative and he could go home! By the time we were back home and settled in his face started to turn gray again and he was having trouble swallowing. I checked his temperature and it was ! I called the doctor and he said put him in a luke warm bath and give him motrin this time instead of tylenol and go back to the ER if his fever persists. His fever came down to By morning I had changed his sheets twice from the sweating, and called the doctor when his fever went back up to at am.

He said bring him in. I did. He took one look in his throat and again said I told her his throat was infected, and it looks the same today! He prescribed him mg of augmentin for 10 days and said follow up in 10 days. I looked in his throat and took a picture because I could not believe my eyes….. It was the reddest I have ever seen and it was blotched with a white cheesy looking substance. Ten days later he was cleared to resume normal activity, although I thought he still seemed drained.

On the eleventh day he went to a soccer try out and had an asthma attack. I called the doc and he prescribed him an inhaler because he has had to use one for bronchitis before. Next…… immunologist…….. She prescribes a different type of inhaler with different instructions.

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In the mean time the immunologist had ordered blood work to look for strep. The results came back….. Says it could still be lingering from incident that brought us to the ER. The pulmonologist did a lung function test….. He does have asthma. She prescribes a third inhaler for maintenance….

This week the blood work was run again and the strep level went up to She will see him in 6 months for a follow up. I will be picking up the labs tomorrow and looking for another opinion; Someone to put this all together. His creatinine was a little elevated, his blood sugar was a little elevated, he has always had this deep red rash in the shape of wings on his cheeks that has gotten worse recently and he can not exert himself without chest pain and shortness of breath! He has recently gotten sick again with the sore throat and over tired but no fever.

He just seems drained. He slept most of two days.