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From the coolly refined Hans Gruber to the deranged Alex in A Clockwork Orange to the downright terrifying Hannibal Lecter , it's the bad guy who hatches the plot, kidnaps the girl, plunges the knife and kicks the dog. Villains are crucial, and without them, you don't have a real story. Notre Dame football has had plenty of dastardly antagonists over the years, from the merely irritating to the crushingly heartbreaking to the thoroughly evil. Some of these knaves eventually got their comeuppance; others still run free, wreaking their havoc.


All of them, however, are among the worst of the worst of the Irish blacklist. And now, without further ado, we give you the Notre Dame Rogues Gallery. Desmond Howard Every single fall of their college careers, the Michigan class of lost to Notre Dame. But with one spectacular grab on September 16, , Desmond Howard prevented the Michigan class of from experiencing the same fate, improving their record against Notre Dame to In the fourth quarter, with the game still up for grabs, Michigan went for it on 4th and 1 from the Notre Dame yard-line needless to say, Lloyd was not their coach at the time.

Elvis Grbac appeared to overthrow Howard, but with a completely horizontal lunge Howard grabbed the ball, and the game, just before it hit the ground. The play seems to hold special meaning among Michigan fans. Despite this incredible play, in college, Desmond Howard could best be described as a poor man's Raghib Ismail -- although what he lacked in talent compared to the Rocket he more than made up with braggadocio.

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Thus it was particularly galling when Howard won the Heisman trophy, just one year after Ismail had been passed over for Ty Detmer. And speaking of Rocket, the most painful television I have ever watched in my life was the College Gameday piece that paired Rocket and Howard. Just thinking about it makes me ill.

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Villain Comparsion : Vanilla Ice Like Howard, a one-hit-wonder who copied an original but didn't stack up, and in the process gained too much unfair recognition. Word to your mother. In , Southern Cal pulled out a last-minute victory over the undefeated Irish when a Notre Dame victory would have secured Ara a national championship in his first season.

He's the kind of guy who'd school you on the basketball court, then pat you on the back and give you a word of encouragement. I hated those guys. Always respectful of Notre Dame, but never awed, McKay always seemed to bring out the best in his team against the Irish. There's no greater thrill in football than playing in South Bend. I get keyed up and ready to play myself, but thank God that won't happen.

I always hope my kids are as keyed up as I am Pick any year. The Irish will be as good or better than any team we play.

I tell our kids if you don't get up for Notre Dame, you must be dead. You almost didn't mind losing to McKay. Villain Comparison : Robert E. Lee, Confederate Army As with Lee, McKay is a villain because he made the unforgivable mistake of casting his lot with the bad guys. Jimmy Johnson The anti-McKay. With Faust on his way out, Pig-Faced Satan seized the opportunity to run up the score , and handed Notre Dame its fourth-worst loss in school history and the worst loss since a stacked Army team trounced a World War II-depleted Irish team in During this and the ensuing years, Pig-Faced Satan did his damnedest to cultivate the renegade image of his program: clothing his team in camouflage instead of coats and ties for travelling, encouraging pre-game fights in the tunnel, and giving carte blanche to knuckleheads like Michael Irvin to run his mouth both on and off the field.

These factors served to fuel the incredibly heated Catholics vs. Convicts rivalry of the late Eighties.

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Emotions ran so high that savvy Irish fans knew to "beat the rush -- hate Miami now", as a popular bumper sticker put it. The night before the game in , Jimmah was burned in effigy at Stonehenge. Even Holtz dialed it way up; in the locker room before the game he told his players to "save Jimmy Johnson's ass for me! The freeze-dried hair.

The beady little eyes. So much to dislike. And he never learned to clap properly either. Not content merely to exclude Notre Dame from their conference, they worked to convince other schools from scheduling out-of-conference games against Notre Dame. In seeking to explain the depths of Yost and Crisler's animus towards Notre Dame, many historians point to a general anti-Catholic sentiment. Given Crisler's nativist leanings, this possibility should not be ruled out.

However, the explanation might be far simpler. Yost and Crisler were overshadowed in their eras by Rockne and Leahy respectively. The simple explanation? They were jealous, and afraid of Notre Dame. In , Yost was enjoying his popularity as coach of the "Point a Minute" Wolverines and destroying opponents left and right, until Notre Dame deflated his Wolverine juggernaut, It was ND's first victory over the mighty Wolverines and, at the time, was a huge David vs.

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Goliath victory. To further infuriate Yost, Walter Camp was in attendance and told anyone who would listen that ND's running game was the best he'd ever seen.

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Yost was so embarassed and enraged he would ultimately refuse to play Notre Dame again. ND was scheduled to play in Ann Arbor in , but Yost waited until the night before the game to cancel it, claiming ND was using ineligible players. Once Rockne started winning, Yost's hatred towards ND was cemented.

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Maize: a more cowardly shade of yellow. Anthony Davis You would think that when someone scores eleven touchdowns over his career against your team, the stats would speak for themselves. In , Davis ran for an astonishing six touchdowns against the Irish No one has had a game against Notre Dame like Anthony Davis did in With Notre Dame ahead late in the second quarter, Davis scored a touchdown to put Southern Cal on the board. Nonetheless, Notre Dame had a point lead at halftime and a win seemed certain.

But Davis returned the opening kickoff of the second half yards for a touchdown and the rout was on.

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Final score: Southern Cal 55, Notre Dame If you have a high threshold for pain, you can read more in this article. At least you get to read about Davis being burned in effigy. For many Irish fans, the most memorable and galling part of the game was Davis dancing on his knees in the endzone. Was this the inspiration for the elaborate voguing the Hurricanes would do a decade later?

After the game, Davis, who was the last to leave the Coliseum - bruised and battered - encountered firsthand just how much Notre Dame fans hated him. You must be the devil,'" Davis said. AP Voters, various years Older Irish fans can point to the AP voters giving Maryland the national championship over a better Notre Dame team in , but everyone knows the shifting logic employed by the AP voters between and In , Notre Dame finished and second in the poll to Miami.

Three wins against Top 10 teams, and seven wins against Top 20 teams. However, Notre Dame lost the head-to-head match-up with Miami, and Miami was crowned champion.

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Most Notre Dame fans could accept this result. After all, Miami had defeated Notre Dame. Following the precedent, the Irish are national champs -- case closed, right? Yet AP voters disregarded the head-to-head result and awarded the national championship to Florida State. Even ESPN marvelled at the result. Bo, you realize you're about to finish up your career with three straight losses to me, right? Not a winning record among them. Nonetheless, do these losses really excuse the pettiness displayed by the trifling trio?

The societal disdain for Wolfsheim, who acts above the law, is exemplified by Tom's comments about Gatsby's suspected illegal business dealings. In trying to tarnish the image of Gatsby, Tom accuses him "and this Wolfsheim [of buying] up a lot of side-street drug-stores here and in Chicago and [selling] grain alcohol over the counter" In the context of the novel, Wolfsheim's character is viewed as a villain by the rich and materialistic people of high society.

Although not part of high society, Wolfsheim shares some common goals with new money characters in the novel in their pursuit of the American Dream. It would be presumptuous to say that Wolfsheim is a West Egg, new money individual. However, events such as fixing the World Series, for which Wolfsheim was never caught, inevitably allowed him to amass a considerable fortune, a goal new money individuals pursue.

Gatsby's comment that Wolfsheim fixed the World Series when "he just saw the opportunity" further emphasizes Wolfsheim's new money desire for wealth However, despite these similarities, Wolfsheim is cast by Fitzgerald as distinctly different from the new money characters in the novel. Therefore, by portraying Wolfsheim as a German, and even giving him a German-sounding name, he is presented differently than the other characters in the novel.

Nevertheless, when Fitzgerald wrote the novel during the 's, the swastika was the recently adopted symbol for the Nazi Party and German nationalism. Thus, Fitzgerald inherently makes Wolfsheim an outsider in the novel, even isolating him to the point that his "name wasn't in the phone book" Despite sharing common goals with West End, new money characters, Wolfsheim is presented in contrast to them.

Wolfsheim's differences with the new money characters in the novel, primarily Gatsby, become an integral part of the thematic significance of his character because of his different outlook on life and the American Dream. He achieves the wealth promised by the American Dream through his illegal activities and is able to maintain his success because he determinedly focuses on the future.

Thus, he does not suffer the same fate that befalls Gatsby, a new money character in the novel who focuses on the past. However, in Wolfsheim's first appearance in the book, his initial "sentimental" 73 reflection on "the old Metropole, filled with faces dead and gone… Filled with friends gone now and forever" at first makes him seem much like Gatsby who lives his life dreaming of resurrecting the past Nevertheless, Wolfsheim's true outlook is revealed when he excuses himself from a meeting as he refuses to relive the past and "impose [him]self on [Gatsby and Nick] any longer" because he "belong[s] to a another generation" Wolfsheim's ability to move on and not dwell on what once was appears again near the end of the novel.

When Gatsby dies, Wolfsheim relates to Nick that "when I was a young man it was different - if a friend of mine died, no matter how, I stuck with them to the end" However, he goes on to say that now he tries to "show… friendship for a man when he is alive and not after he is dead… After that, my own rule is to let everything alone" With this statement, the reason for Wolfsheim's success becomes clear.